Sadly, I don't see a way to leave a review on their site but I have to mention somewhere that TestParts.com rocks.

Generic Right Angle PL259 adapter, local stores for cheap far-east piece of junk $10 avg. TestParts for actual Amphenol $7.95. Might not seem like a huge savings until you factor in that most places sell that Amphenol for $15, and it doesn't break like the cheap ones too. I'm sure there are some reasonable cheap versions, but they seem to be hard to find. TestParts also has a huge range of other connectors and very good prices across the board for them all. As I like predicable parts I will probably be buying a lot of Amphenol from them...

Oh, I should mention shipping. I was in a rush because because my normal supplier was having issues with shipping through all the snow in Texas. I asked them to Overnight it. They shipped via USPS for actual rate and got it out within an hour of my phone order. If you're not in a rush and meet the minimum ( $25 I think ) then shipping is free.

Anyhow, normal disclaimers, I dont work for TestParts, I don't know anyone at TestParts, I just know they have done right by me and earned a mention.

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Date: 2011-02-11, 13 years and 161 days ago


  1. Terry Burton:
    2011-04-19, 13 years and 94 days ago

    Hi Tom, Thanks for taking the time to recommend TestParts to others. We try to please our customers and reading comments like this is encouraging. Take care, Terry Burton, KD4AHN

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