I'm now rigged for mobile!

Not that anyone actually reads this site, but figured I'd mention I now have a mobile rig set up in my car and I'm quite excited.

Icom IC7000, High Sierra HS1800Pro, BetterRF screwdriver controller and tune control, Diamond triband 2m/220/70cm antenna.

Its not perfect yet. SWR tunes up fine on 40, but is rather high on 80. Need to run some good ground straps and see if that makes things happier.

In non-mobile news, I finally finished rebuilding my Kenwood TS930SAT. Power supply main regulator is fully replaced and I replaced the kinda ugly regulators for other voltages in the unit. Just as a note, if you are rebuilding one of these and its a later serial number version, there is a 21v regulator on the board that is not on the replacement. You will have to come up with something to replace that as it powers most of the radio. I used an LM350. I tested the current draw of that section of the radio and its below 1.5amps, but an LM317 would probably be very unhappy there. Anyhow, powers up just nifty now. After testing it I installed the Piexx CPU board which went in and works like a dream. In a few days I should have an antenna to try running at the house too. Very exciting. Michael (VK4AMZ) who designed the new regulator board was very helpful and patient with questions while I determined that the SCRs I used had some quirks. A couple small caps and its nice and stable.

If you actually read this and have any questions or something, you can email me. tom@ this domain will get me.

Gee, I should also mention that I finally got N4YLC's HPSDR to work and receive something after a protracted battle with firmware. What we've learned is VMWares USB support is not insanely fast and the people who wrote the docs I found to follow are friggen Rockstars. While not perfect, they were detailed enough that I was able to muddle through and make it work. Now I'm afraid he might want it back. Really want to play with it once I have an antenna up for 6meters.

Its been a busy couple months since my last update. Lets see what else... FRG7 got backburnered while I repair the HP sweep generator I bought with the theory it'd make things easier to work on. Trimble Thunderbolt frequency reference is working fine. Besides setting up an antenna at home for HF and fixing the high SWR issue in my mobile setup I also have a Yaesu FT757GXII to work on. Not to mention other non-Ham related activities. At least I feel like I'm making progress...

Ah well, enough updates for now esp as I am talking to myself most likely...

Categories: mobile, hf, equipment
Date: 2011-01-25, 10 years and 91 days ago

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