More GAS!

And another pass at HRO.

And the shopping list:

  • Yaesu VX8DR car charger
  • Mag Mount dual band antenna ( cheap but not MFJ )
  • Dual Band J-Pole
  • Coax
  • Swapped Diamond antenna for one with BNC on it.

Rant Time

I've had way too much experience with SMA connectors. I've installed kazillions of the damn things on hardline. I've never had one fail however N7JAK and I had a discussion and it made me start thinking about it some more and some points he made started to make sense after I swapped antennas and coax for the 8millionth time. I figure I'll settle down after a while but until then I'm going to leave an SMA/BNC adapter on all my radios and swap at that level so I can wear out an easy to replace connector and not the one built in to the radios.

Besides, I really hate putting on SMA connectors.

Categories: gas, equipment
Date: 2010-08-27, 13 years and 300 days ago

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