A PakRatt of my very own.

I bought a PK232MBX last swapmeet. I have now upgraded it to DSP and PSK.

Here is a picture in case you are one of the 2 people in the world that hasn't seen the inside of a PK232 Here.

Next step, need to test it on the air!

Why a PakRatt? I've always wanted one...

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Date: 2010-09-21, 11 years and 334 days ago


  1. phil:
    2011-02-01, 11 years and 201 days ago

    Ive been thinking of getting one as well but my visit to the swap meet at cupertino was cut short do you know when the next one is? PS saw your truck on 101 today, cheers 73s Phil k1pas

  2. Tom Arnold:
    2011-02-02, 11 years and 200 days ago

    Next Swapmeet is March 12th. http://www.electronicsfleamarket.com/

    Anchor Electronics has been selling off some stuff from their warehouse and I think I saw a PK232 there but I don't remember the price. I've run across several at the Swap though all for $25 or so. There are probably a lot of newer TNCs available these days but I really wanted a pre-Timewave PK232 for some reason...

    I think maybe I saw you this morning. Minivan with Ham plates?

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